The FallenWood Mission

The FallenWood mission is to reduce the amount of wood in landfills by collecting trees downed from natural causes and other wood products destined for landfills.  We do not cut down trees for our business.  We use these to make creative and unique products.  We use all of the wood we obtain, from tree trunks, branches and even the sawdust we produce in our shop.  We are environmentally aware and seek to reduce our impact on it and the world we live in.

The FallenWood Story

Funny story.  A tree was brought down by heavy winds  and it fell in our next door neighbor's driveway.  The insurance company sent a tree removal service to cut the tree up and haul it away.  We heard the chainsaws going the day the company came.  We wandered over and struck up a conversation with the two gentlemen from the tree removal service.  We asked what they were going to do with the tree.  They informed us a service followed them to pick up the pieces and transfer it to a landfill.  We asked if we could take some to burn at our summer retreat.  They not only allowed us, they said take all you want.  Three half-ton loads later (not to mention much sweat and tears), we had a large stack of wood we planned on using over the next three to five years at our summer retreat.  Upon closer examination of the beautiful wood, we thought it would be a shame to burn it.  In fact we started coming up with some ideas of how we could use it, rather than burning it.  And FallenWood was born.  We combed the internet and found many incredible creations people had come up with by using wood.  We have recently started, and the journey begins.  Let us see where it takes us...

Earth Ice Cream Cone