The Importance Of Our Environment

Earth Ice Cream Cone

The effect the human race has on the environment becomes more evident everyday.  From pollution to climate change, we need to educate ourselves and become active on how we may lessen these impacts.  At FallenWood we have been researching and educating ourselves on what we can do.  We started our company with this as part of our mission.  We are proud of our actions, not just with the business, but in our personal lives as well.  We want to share this knowledge with everyone and become more involved with helping to improve general conditions.   

The first step is to increase our reuse of items.  We can drastically reduce our impact on landfills and pollution by finding creative ways to stop throwing items away.  How do we do this collectively?  We can start by providing waste with value.  This encourages us to keep items out of trash.  If an item has value, no one will just throw it away.  We visited various landfills and we were shocked at the amount of trees and wood products discovered.  Mountains of reusable wood were found.  We need to reduce this.  We can reduce this.  FallenWood is a prime example of how we are doing this.

Earth Reuse
Earth Recycle

The next action is to recycle as much as possible.  Similar to reusing, recycling is a positive activity to lessen the amount of stuff being added to landfills.  Being aware of what products may be recycled is a powerful way to obtain this objective.  When spending your hard earned money, educate yourself on recyclable packaging and products.  You will quickly learn that it does not cost you more, and you can become more environmentally friendly right away.