Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the type of wood used in your products not identified?

As we obtain our wood from trees felled by nature, often when we pick it up, the branches and leaves have been removed. Without the leaves, it is difficult to identifiy the type of wood. Originally, we attempted to identify the wood by the bark, or by the grain of the wood, but we quickly found this is imperfect. It is possible to identify the family of trees the wood came from, but as for the particular wood, it is inaccurate. We decided to keep our product descriptions simple, and remove any possiblity of error.

Can I donate a tree?

We are always on the search for our wood supply. Unfortunately, due to our limited capacity to store wood, and depending on the location, we cannot always accept would offered. If you are located in the Edmonton, Alberta Canada area, use our contact form on the Contact page to let us know if you have wood you would like to keep out of the landfill, and we will attempt to accommodate you. Note if we are able to collect your wood, we offer a 25% discount on your next purchase for your contribution to our venture and for reducing your impact on landfills.

Why are some of your products "Exclusive"?

We frequent anitque shops, estate sales, flea markets and garage sales looking for items we can use in our products. This makes it nearly impossible to purchase the items used in quantity to allow us to make more than one or two of these products. We also want to fill the desire of our customers to know that the product being purchased is truly a unique product that no one else can purchase.

Can I recieve a discount if I purchase items in bulk?

Please contact us if your are interested in purchasing items in bulk. We will do our very best to fulfill your requirements; however, we are limited by the materials on hand and the amount of time available to meet your request.

Do I recieve a bonus if I refer someone to your online store or make frequent purchases?

We have considered offering our customers referral or frequency rewards for shopping with us. At this time we do not, but we will reexamine this in the future.

Can I suggest/request a product not currently available at FallenWood?

We are always reviewing our product line and expanding it with items we think our customers will enjoy. If you would like to recommend a new product, please fill out our Contact Form on our Contact page and we will certainly consider it in our reviews.

Is there a way to let me know when new products or collections are available at FallenWood?

Currently we do not offer our customers a notification of new products or collections. We ask that customers frequent our online store to keep up to date on our latest offerings. We will consider offering some form of personal update in the future.

Is there a store or location I can see FallenWood products before I make a purchase?

The FallenWood online store is the only location our products are offered on a regular basis. We do attend craft fairs, flea markets and community events in the Edmonton, Alberta area occasionally. Check out our Events page for more information. We are also offering our products at select locations. See our Home page for these locations.

Does FallenWood donate to charities?

We support many charities and charitable events. If you are seeking donations for a charity, a charitable event, or sponsorship, please use our Contact Form on the Contact page to make a request. We will review your request and inform you of our decision to participate. Please note we cannot meet all requests. We do offer preference to activities that align with our objective of caring for our environment and our love of all things wooden.